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Walaber's Pro Gymnast

Challenging & Addictive physics-based Acrobatics! · By Walaber Entertainment


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Pro Gymnast Beta now available!
The first beta release of Pro Gymnast is now available for Windows and Mac! This is a big update, and much more representative of the final game. If you are in...
2 files — 0.9.0
Version 0.6.1 Uploaded
Version 0.6.1 is now live. This version adjusts the physics of the gymnast slightly, and fixes several issues with version 0.6.0. It also adds an option to adj...
2 files — 0.6.1
Version 0.6.0 Uploaded!
Version 0.6.0 of Pro Gymnast is now available! This version is a pretty big update. Most notable additions are: 1. New environments! The default environment...
2 files — 0.6.0
Version 0.5.0 Uploaded!
Version 0.5.0 of Pro Gymnast is now available for download! This version has a proper level progression implemented. Now you earn "medals" (final theming TBD)...
2 files — 0.5.0
Version 0.4.4 Uploaded for Windows+MacOS
Version 0.4.4 of Pro Gymnast is up now! several additions and bug fixes in this version: 1. Speed settings! in the settings menu (from the title screen) you c...
2 files — 0.4.4
version 0.4.3 (windows) uploaded
Version 0.4.3 included a fix that should resolve issues with player data disappearing / making the player profile screen show up empty. If you were having a pr...
1 file — 0.4.3
version 0.4.2 (Windows) uploaded
Windows build 0.4.2 has been uploaded. This is intended to fix the issue where some players were unable to load levels at all, just ending up with a frozen scr...
1 file — 0.4.2
version 0.4.1 uploaded
Version 0.4.1 of Pro Gymnast is now available. This should be the first "wide" alpha test release, with an email going to newsletter subscribers soon. This ve...
1 file — 0.4.1