version 0.4.1 uploaded

Version 0.4.1 of Pro Gymnast is now available.  This should be the first "wide" alpha test release, with an email going to newsletter subscribers soon.  This version mostly fixes some bugs and other general playability issues with the alpha version.  I'm very much looking forward to gathering feedback from players.

Next up on the to-do list:

1. Create a proper progression system where completing sets of levels unlocks new levels and arenas, as well asl adding mastery challenges to levels.

2. Starting some more work on the visuals of the game, starting the the posing and look of the gymnast, and then moving onto the environments, including better designs that communicate the behavior of the objects, etc.

3. More level items, and better (and more) levels added to the game.

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Version 0.4.1 Mar 06, 2019

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