Version 0.4.4 Uploaded for Windows+MacOS

Version 0.4.4 of Pro Gymnast is up now!  several additions and bug fixes in this version:

1. Speed settings!  in the settings menu (from the title screen) you can now set the overall speed of the game from 3 options, as well as adjust how much the 'focus' (slow-mo) feature should slow time (from another 3 options).  I've also set the defaults to be slightly slower than before.

2. Free Play (Open Gym) level mode.  In the editor you can now set the level type to "Challenge", "Arena", and the new mode "Open Gym (Free Play)".  Free Play has no time limit, so it's perfect for making your dream gym and then just practicing as much as you want without worrying about time limits.

3. Improved gymnast posing system: arms, elbows, legs, and knees should bend a bit more realistically and naturally now.  There are probably some bugs that look strange, but overall it's a big step toward the final solution for how the 3D gymnast is mapped to the 2D physics of the game, and will eventually allow for things like twisting to look more fluid and natural.

This build also has several bug fixes, many of which were reported by members of the community- thank you!

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Version 0.4.4 Mar 17, 2019 290 MB
Version 0.4.4 Mar 17, 2019

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