Boot up your replicator console, and get to coding!

In this game you are tasked with writing BASIC code to generate voxel objects.  Each challenge presents you with a new object to replicate.

Attempt to optimize your solution to minimize program size, or executed instruction count.


The shader used in the game is a bit intense, if you experience performance problems with the web version, please give the download version a try instead!

PlatformsWindows, Linux, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
AuthorWalaber Entertainment
Tagscoding, programming, Voxel, zachlike


Download 37 MB
Download 51 MB


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Really cool… just added to my collection! Would you like to join Creactivity #1?

This is such a fun little concept, and it's really polished! The whole interface is really tactile and satisfyingly "juicy," the keyboard clacks were a really nice touch.

I especially would have loved this as a kid, when I was learning how to code. Would be great for anyone who's willing to learn a bit of basic coding, but with some online low-score charts (smallest program size and least instructions) it could be really fun for expert coders too :)

I think there's a bug on the Camera level? My output looks exactly like the target (yes, including the back plate, which by the way really needs to be better-lit) but it only shows an 80% color match.

Does it seriously want me to color the internal voxels in a specific pattern too? And if so, how exactly am I supposed to tell what that pattern is, since there's no way to see inside the target.

Good point! It does want you to match the internal voxels, but there isn’t a way to see them right now. I had intended to include cut-away views.... sorry about that!