A downloadable game for Windows

Fly around with your squishy balloon!

Default controls are gamepad / keyboard, mouse controls available in the pause menu (press ESC or "start" button on gamepad to pause)

There is nothing special to discover, for sure.

Music by Eric Matyas


Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorWalaber Entertainment
TagsArcade, Physics, soft-body, surprising, Unity


balloon_out_0_2_win.zip 32 MB


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Cool game ! I kind of want to take a nap on those soft comfy walls.

Very amazing ! 

+ Gameplay ( simply but good )

+ Physic ( is good and funny ^^ )

+ Graphics ( are simply but very good with differents effects )

- The end of the game ? ( I don't have understand how finish the game )

It's a very good game, maybe upgrade it because he has lot of potential !

Wow!! love the way the Balloon controls and the squishy animations are just mind-blowing....Was it all made with pixel art frame-by-frame animation or did you use any camera filter to achieve the pixel art look ?? Coz the softbody physics are absolutely stunning!!